哈钦森的生活质量很高, 在某种程度上, 因为我们有大城市的便利设施, while offering residents a friendly community in which to live, 工作, 抚养他们的家庭. Our attractions draw tourists from around the area and there is always something fun to do in Hutchinson. 我们邀请您 visit and to discover why so many families are calling our community home.


Hutchinson is a premier destination for families living in the entire region. With numerous attractions and opportunities for entertainment, locals always have something to do and visitors regularly come to town to catch a game, 看节目, 参加画廊开幕式, 商店, 或者吃饭.  一些受欢迎的景点包括:


Visitors to the 更大的厨inson area can easily spend days exploring all that this Smithsonian-affiliated museum has to offer. Permanent exhibits include the Hall of Space Museum, Justice Planetarium, and Dr. 戈达德的实验室. The 宇宙仪 presents an incredible opportunity for visitors to learn about science, 空间, 以及他们周围的世界. This is truly a state-of-the-art museum and destination for people living in Kansas and the surrounding states. 全年, children are invited to participate in various STEM-education opportunities, 还有冒险的夏令营. 在这里, eager young minds can learn how to turn concepts into reality with hands-on exploration and application of scientific theories. 了解更多信息或在这里注册.


参观 哈钦森体育馆, a mecca for junior college basketball, local sports teams, and tournaments. 我们邀请您 visit Hutch to watch the NJCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament or the Blue Dragon men’s basketball, 女子篮球队和排球队. With seating for 6,500, the Sports Arena can host other large events, concerts, and conventions. 体育馆最近经历了29美元的翻修.5-million renovation to improve the building’s infrastructure, 再增加三个健身房, 并准备举办2017年, 2018 and 2019 NJCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Champion. 如果你喜欢一款好游戏,是时候去拜访哈奇了.


快来探索 哈钦森动物园 where you can ride the Prairie Thunder train – a historic train that children and adults enjoy riding.  而在这里, 游客可以探索动物栖息地, 在鸟舍里发现本地鸟类和海狸, get up close and personal with prairie dogs through specially designed tunnels, 在我们的迷你农场里认识动物. Children looking to play can step out of the exhibits and into a play area designed for Dinosaurs and archeologists. Children can uncover fossils in the Dinosaur Dig area and zip down a slide designed for adventurers.

Best of all – it’s open year-round and admission to the 哈钦森动物园 is 免费的!.


650-feet underground is one of the most unique attractions you can find. 参观 Strataca to explore one of the largest salt deposits in the world. 在这里, you can explore environs carved from salt deposits formed more than 275 million years ago and participate on tours that showcase what life is like for minors underground. 你不会相信下面有什么! Everything from a 工作ing train to historic cars and even relics from Hollywood blockbusters are waiting for you underground.


These are just a few of the many attractions that draw people to Hutchinson ever year. 我们邀请您访问哈奇并探索它们.


Hutchinson has a vibrant arts community where citizens are regularly contributing to the depth of artistic culture found here. From local community theaters like the Family Community Theatre and Stage 9, 到福克斯历史剧院的国家表演, 还有全城可见的公共艺术品, Hutchinson has invested heavily in the arts and our community is deeply engaged in keeping the arts flourishing. 另一个地点, 哈钦森艺术中心, 包括国家和地方艺术展览, 吸引了来自整个地区的游客. It is an excellent venue for those wishing to further their art education and anyone desiring to view 工作s created by local artists. 

Love for the arts is interwoven into the fabric of the Hutchinson community. The arts create opportunities for exploration, for learning, for growth, and for fun. If you are interested in joining a vibrant art community, 我们邀请您来探索和发现为什么厨.


If you love the great outdoors, you will enjoy spending time in Hutchinson and the surrounding area. Our corner of the world is truly stunning and with so many recreational opportunities, 这里一年四季都有事情可做. 我们邀请您加入我们,开始探索.



Over twelve miles of hiking and biking trails, perfect for adventurers and families alike.


This 100-acre Urban Sanctuary features 300 species of woody plants, 数百种野花和原生草, 200种鸟类, and a large variety of other wildlife along three miles of National 娱乐 trails. 还有一个免费的游客中心, 鱼池资源充足, 户外游乐区, 以及全年的教育项目. 


If walking the course or 工作ing on your backswing is your idea of a good time, 你不会想离开哈钦森的. We have incredible golf courses here, including the legendary links of Prairie Dunes. Prairie Dunes is ranked 24th nationally by Golf Digest and 25th worldwide by Golf Magazine. 除了, the eighth hole was named “the best eighth hole in the country” by Sports Illustrated. 除了, 哈钦森地区还有另外四个高尔夫球场, some of which have club houses with amenities like swimming and tennis.

我们邀请您 访问厨 for a weekend golf outing or to relocate here and enjoy our many golf courses year round. 年平均气温为55度, it is possible to comfortably play golf throughout the year.



哈钦森是水上乐园的所在地,其中包括占地6英亩的水上乐园 盐城水上运动中心. 设有两个大幻灯片, 50米泳池, 跳水板和一个小的儿童区, the entire family can have a day of adventure swimming and playing in Hutchinson.

切尼州立公园 also features swimming beaches and a lake for boating and fishing. 有现场露营, this is an excellent destination for families looking to take a summer vacation or just get away for the weekend.

These are just a few of the many opportunities for recreation available in Hutchinson. 为了探索它们, 访问厨.